Environmental Policy

Environmental Guiding Principles, Operating Strategies, and Environmental Policy


CMWA Environmental Management System

Guiding Principles

Operating Strategies

  • Preserve and protect local environmental quality; maintain full compliance with applicable environmental regulations and other requirements.
  • Systematically assess operations that have the potential to have an adverse effect on the environment and/or human health.
  • Maintain our commitment to the prevention of pollution, conserving natural resources, and addressing global climate change.
  • Set objectives with measurable targets to manage our effect on the environment.
  • Continually improve CMWA’s Environmental Performance
  • Periodically review our progress towards our environmental targets and objectives.
  • Incorporate life-cycle thinking into our products; infuse a culture of sustainability into our manufacturing operations and business goals.
  • Continually improve the CMWA Environmental Management System (EMS).

CMWA Environmental Policy:

CMWA is committed to fostering a clean and healthy environment.