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Greeting from the CEO

President and CEO Mr. Hayashi.

President and CEO Mr. Hayashi.

Since the company was founded in 1986, we, Central Motor Wheel of America (CMWA), have continuously strived to contribute to the sustainable development of society and the earth through the manufacturing and provision of high quality and innovative automotive wheels. Through continuous efforts and annual improvement activity, we have established a corporate philosophy along with a set of guiding principles, values, and methods, which we are seeking to pass on to future generations to realize the “creation of a prosperous society and community by making automobile wheels.”

During the past twenty-five years, CMWA has faced many business challenges to remain a competitive supplier and sustainable company during periods of strong growth and periods of recession. The world economy and social structure is now in a period of intense transformation; requiring the need for our human resources, which are our greatest asset, to drive the growth and success of CMWA. Spirited team-work and individual dedication to quality and improvement in all that we do is necessary to meet our goals.

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We remain committed to harnessing teamwork as we strive to achieve our ambitions and share the rewards with our stakeholders, while making every effort to become a company that is invaluable to society.